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The importance of chimney and boiler maintenance

Comfort, safety and performance. These are the reasons why it is necessary to maintain your fireplace. A well-maintained combustion equipment will give better performance over time, as well as a longer service life.

And most importantly, we reduce the possibility of accidents due to the poor condition of our boiler, either due to damage or accumulated dirt.

How often does maintenance have to be carried out?

Each case has its own particularities. However, under normal conditions of use, with an annual check-up we can have our chimney ready for the cold season.

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Are you looking for professional chimney sweeps in Murcia?

Our team works in chimney cleaning of all types of chimneys in the area of Murcia and Costa Cálida (Cartagena). Request your chimney sweep at home in Murcia now!

Our method

We are not only dedicated to the cleaning of all types of chimneys in Murcia; we also remove bird nests. You can contact Tu Deshollinador in Murcia, Cartagena and Costa Cálida. Call us and we will give you a quote tailored to your needs.

We can clean the chimney from the bottom or from the top, prior assessment of the chimney sweeping work. The performance will be based on our professional criteria, taking into account safety and cleanliness. Your satisfaction is ours.

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. How do we achieve it? With our excellent customer service. So look no further: Tu Deshollinador has everything you need.

Chimney cleaning

It is of utmost importance to keep the flues clean and well conditioned. Your Chimney Sweep takes care of the maintenance and cleaning of industrial, wood, communal, coal, oil, pellex and any chimney flue in general.

Removal of bird nests

With the arrival of spring, birds can nest in chimneys, clogging their flues. This can generate dirt inside the home, and dangerous situations, with the accumulation of toxic gases inside the home. However, we have the solution.

Advantages of calling Your Chimney Sweep in Murcia

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