Removal of bird nests

Do you need to remove bird nests safely?

The good weather arrives… and the birds.

With the arrival of spring, it is common for many birds to look for a safe place for their young to develop until they can fly. Chimneys are an interesting place from their perspective, as they seem to be a sheltered place to nest.

However, this creates problems for us as well as for the birds themselves. To remove bird nests you have to comply with current regulations, so this is a job for Tu Deshollinador.

With the arrival of spring many customers call us to remove bird nests from their chimney. This is a very common problem as they are looking for a place as sheltered as possible to nest. If you notice noises coming from the chimney or find branches on the floor of your house it is likely that they have nested in your chimney.

What can I do to remove birds’ nests from my chimney?

First of all you should bear in mind that they are living creatures and do not get into your chimney to annoy you. They are looking for a safe place to breed and spend the first few months until their young are able to fly. Call Tu Deshollinador in Murcia to have us check the chimney flue. We will identify the nests and if they can be removed without endangering the young as well as complying with current regulations regarding the removal of bird nests.

Problems with birds’ nests not being removed from the chimney

Chimney fires

Birds build their nests out of flammable materials such as straw, sticks or roots. If the fire from the chimney reaches the nest, there is a high probability that a fire will start.

Accumulation of gases

Birds’ nests can shed branches and other items that clog the chimney flues, causing gases to build up, increasing the likelihood of a chimney flare-up.


Birds’ nests can shed branches and other elements that make our chimney dirty. Therefore, it is very important to have Your Chimney Sweeper to avoid all these inconveniences.

“NEVER light a chimney if there are suspected bird nests in the installation. This could lead to a fire, poisoning inside the house due to the accumulation of carbon monoxide or damage to the birds”.

Do you suspect birds in the chimney?

If you hear noises coming from the chimney or branches appear on the floor of the house, it is likely that there are birds in your installation. But there is a solution. Ask for information to Tu Deshollinador in Murcia to remove bird nests in industrial and conventional chimneys.

Call us and we will inform you without obligation!

Call Your Chimney Sweep to remove bird’s nests from the chimney

There may be a number of situations where you need the help of professionals, such as the following:

  • Noises are heard coming from inside the chimney.
  • Branches or roots appearing near the chimney
  • There are bad smells inside the fireplace
  • Smoke plumes appear when the chimney is lit.

Whatever your case, Tu Deshollinador can help you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: we will be happy to advise you.