Possible reasons for bad chimney smells and their solution

Fireplaces bring warmth, style and tranquillity to our homes. However, there are circumstances that can cause this important component for the winter to have a problem with odours.

In this article we are going to show you the possible reasons why a fireplace may have bad smells, as well as their solution. Let’s start!

Excess of soot and creosote

On this page we have talked about the importance of soot and creosote removal, reasons why it is vital to clean the chimney and its flues at the corresponding times.

One of the reasons for their cleaning is the bad smell they cause. Creosote is a type of resin that forms when wood combusts and sticks to the walls of chimney flues.

Chimney with an excess of soot
Chimney with an excess of soot

Its smell is similar to that of asphalt, or the burnt remains of a barbecue.

How to prevent its appearance

As it is a compound that appears at the moment of combustion, we cannot prevent it from appearing. However, we can prevent it from accumulating by cleaning the chimney regularly. In addition, it is also possible to prevent a greater appearance of creosote.

This compound appears in greater quantities when the burning is not very efficient, when the temperature of the fire is lower. Therefore, with a high-temperature fire we can achieve a lower creosote residue.

Bird nests and the appearance of other animals

Another factor that can trigger bad smells are animals, especially when they form a nest above the fireplace, let alone enter the fireplace. The bad smell can be caused by the accumulation of excrement, as well as by animals in the process of decomposition.

Bird's nest in the roof
Bird’s nest in the roof

With a chimney cap we can prevent animals from appearing in our chimney, especially if we include a mesh to cover the circulation holes. For bird nests, it is always best to use professionals in the sector, as there are protected species that need special treatment.

Vegetation in the chimney

There are remains of vegetation, especially tree leaves, which can be blown into the chimney by the wind and cause unwanted smells.

The solution is simple: clean the chimney regularly. And to prevent vegetation from entering our chimney, a chimney cap can be installed, as in the previous case.

Final conclusions

As you can see, most of the problems related to a smelly chimney can be solved by regular cleaning. However, it is not a job that can be done by just anyone. Reliable professionals are needed to avoid potential scares.

Tu Deshollinador is in charge of chimney cleaning, with all the safety measures, so that your home can enjoy the warmth of your chimney without any risk due to the accumulation of dirt.

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