Tips for saving on heating costs in winter

Winter is a season that can be very expensive for a household’s finances, especially when it comes to heating. In many areas of the world, the temperature drops and it is necessary to turn on the heating to keep warm at home.

However, excessive use of this energy can be a considerable expense. That’s why in this guide we present 10 tips for saving on heating this winter.

Ten tips for saving on heating

Selecting the right temperature

One of the easiest ways to save on heating is to select the right temperature for the time of day. In general, it is advisable to keep radiators at 19 degrees during the day and turn them down to 15 or 16 degrees at night when we are sleeping. This practice can reduce electricity consumption by up to 20%.

Install an energy-efficient boiler

If we want to save energy, a good option is to install an energy-saving boiler. These boilers have advanced technology that reduces fuel consumption and lowers heating costs.

In addition, they usually come with intelligent programmers that allow you to regulate the temperature according to the time of day and day of the week. If you can’t afford the outlay at the moment, you can also install thermostats in each room to regulate the temperature in each room separately.

Turning off radiators in empty rooms

To save energy, it is essential to turn off radiators in unoccupied rooms. Although this seems obvious, it is something that many people do not do and therefore experience an unnecessary increase in their electricity bills. If you follow this recommendation, you will greatly reduce your energy consumption and save a very high percentage of costs.

Switch off the heating at night

Another effective way to save energy is to turn off the heating at night, as we can cover ourselves with duvets, duvets and blankets while we sleep. You can also turn on the radiator in your bedroom a few hours before you go to bed and turn it off before you go to bed. This way you can reduce consumption without affecting the comfort of your room.

Using a pellet chimney

Pellet chimneys are a very effective device for providing heat during the winter without the need to switch on the central heating in the home. These cookers are very versatile and can be placed anywhere, allowing heat to be distributed throughout the house without having to turn on all the radiators.

Pellet for domestic heating
Pellet for domestic heating

Reinforcing the insulation of the house

Correctly insulating your home will help to retain the heat inside it. Thanks to this, we can reduce the number of hours we have the heating on and lower the temperature of the radiators while maintaining the same heat.

To achieve good thermal insulation, the most important things are the materials used in the walls and floors and the closing mechanism of the windows and doors. An effective trick is to place weatherstripping, carpets or mats in the gap between the door and the floor. In addition, installing double-glazed windows can reduce energy losses by up to 50%.

Maintain adequate home insulation, specially if you have windows
Maintain adequate home insulation, specially if you have windows

Checking the boiler and radiators

It is important to periodically check the boiler and radiators to detect possible faults or water leaks that could lead to unnecessary energy consumption or inefficient operation. If necessary, a professional should be called in for proper maintenance to avoid future problems.

Laying carpets on the floor

By placing rugs in the cooler areas of the home, you can also save on heating costs, as they help to maintain a comfortable temperature and prevent heat loss through the floor.

Ventilate the house early

Another trick to save on heating is to take advantage of the first hour of the day to ventilate the house before turning on the heating. In this way we renew the air and avoid losing the heat generated by the radiators, which would happen if we ventilate at midday or in the afternoon.

Use curtains and blinds in the right way

Curtains and blinds are very useful elements for controlling the sun inside the home. Proper use of curtains and blinds allows us to heat the interior of the home during the sunniest hours and keep it warmer during the coldest hours.

In this way, we can maintain a comfortable temperature without having to turn on radiators or waste energy unnecessarily.

Fireplace as an alternative to other types of heaters

We hope we have helped you to learn about possible heating saving measures. However, there is another alternative that may be worth considering: the use of a fireplace.

Today's chimney
Today’s chimney

As it runs on wood, you are not dependent on electricity, so you don’t have to worry about price increases or power cuts. It may be a big investment at the beginning, but in the medium and long term it will be worth it.

In case you already have a fireplace, you are surely already enjoying all its advantages. However, for a proper cleaning of the chimney, trust professionals like Tu Deshollinador. Contact us and ask for a no-obligation quote.