How to prevent chimney smoke from entering the house

The fireplace is a decorative and technical element with which a room can be heated, providing users with a warm and cosy atmosphere. Although smoke from the fireplace in small quantities can provide a pleasant smell, it can sometimes be very annoying if it spreads throughout the house.

If the right precautions are not taken, smoke can become unbearable or even dangerous to health. It is therefore important to know the main recommendations to avoid the spread of smoke from the chimney to the rest of the house.

Six tips to prevent chimney smoke from spreading around the house

Chimney sweeping to prevent blockages

The first preventative measure to be taken to stop smoke from escaping from the chimney into the rest of the house is to sweep the chimney and clean it. This means removing all the accumulated dirt inside the chimney, such as ash, soot and other debris. These particles can cause blockages inside, making it difficult to produce the draught necessary for the smoke to circulate normally through the chimney flue. It is in these cases when the smoke is “forced” to leave through another place, spreading throughout the house.

It is recommended that the chimney is swept and thoroughly cleaned at least once or twice a year to ensure that it remains clean and free of blockages. It is best to contact a specialised professional, such as Tu Deshollinador, to take care of this, as it is not an easy task.

Chimney sweeper for a correct work of the fireplace
Chimney sweeper for a correct work of the fireplace

Light the fire slowly

To prevent smoke from escaping from the chimney into the rest of the house, it is important to light the fire slowly and carefully. This will help create the right draught between indoors and outdoors, preventing the smoke from spreading throughout the house. It is advisable to start with small logs to light the fire and then progressively add more logs until you have a steady fire that radiates sufficient heat.

Small fire
Small fire

Use dry firewood

Dry firewood is far better as a fireplace fuel than wet firewood. This is because dry wood burns more easily, is more efficient and produces less smoke when burning.

Do not use treated wood or chipboard

Treated wood or chipboard are not good fuels to burn indoors, as they produce toxic gases when burning, as well as very dense smoke that can be harmful to health. Therefore, it is better to use only natural firewood to avoid these undesirable situations.

Do not throw waste, rubbish or other materials into the fireplace

Many people often throw rubbish or rubbish into the fireplace in the belief that it will help to light the fire better or simply as a way of disposing of waste.

This is dangerous because of the potential for the flame to get out of control or for small pieces of burning debris to jump out and start a fire. It can also contribute to clogged chimney pipes, causing smoke to travel into the house instead of outdoors.

Ensure air circulation by opening windows

Another effective way to prevent smoke from escaping from the chimney into the rooms is to open windows near the fire during lighting to allow adequate flow between the inside and outside of the home. This will help create the optimum draught for the smoke to circulate upwards.

A good circulation of air will avoid smoke inside's home
A good circulation of air will avoid smoke inside’s home

Use a smoke extraction device

Extractor devices are available that collect the toxic fumes produced by the fire and expel them more effectively to the outside. These systems are relatively cheap and easy to install and are very useful in solving smoke problems.

Use an airtight fire door

Another thing that can be done to prevent smoke in the home is to install an airtight system to close the chimney.

Door for closing chimney
Door for closing chimney

There are several types of doors that can be used to seal the chimney to prevent toxic gases produced by fires from being dispersed throughout the house. These doors are usually made of heat-resistant materials such as glass or stainless steel. In addition, they often contain special sealants that ensure that gases from the chimney do not escape into the rooms.

Final conclusions

We hope we have helped you to prevent smoke from appearing in unwanted areas of the house. Remember that chimney cleaning is a very important aspect for the safety and comfort of your home, so we recommend that you have this work done by a professional.

In Tu Deshollinador we take care of chimney cleaning, both in Murcia and Alicante. Contact us and ask for a no obligation quote.